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I'm an artist and a musician. Art and music have been my two lifelong passions, centered in primary creativity.  While my professional career has been grounded in visual art (studio art and art education), my side hustle has been all about music.


After years of private study in piano, voice, cello, and other stringed instruments, playing in symphony orchestras and chamber groups, and singing in choirs, I found the most satisfaction performing music that I either write or help arrange.  The deepest, most gratifying musical experience has been my good fortune playing with the musicians in the world-influenced progressive folk ensemble Bug Toast.  

My classical training, diverse musical background, and broad listening tendencies prepared me for the technically complex, original, genre-bending music we create together.

In 2022, I hope to release a compilation of instrumental compositions I've written or co-written, arranged, and performed with Bug Toast.

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